Community leadership at the Green Globes

These finalists demonstrate the power of strength in numbers. Through connecting with their community they create viable businesses that led the way in green practices.

The Community Leadership award recognises outstanding community leadership and commitment from not-for-profit organisations. It particularly looks for those organisations whose local sustainability initiatives have widespread benefits for NSW communities.

Intrepid Landcare: a can-do attitude

‘Intrepid Landcare is not your usual Landcare group’ says Founder Megan Rowlatt. ‘We’re an adventurous organisation led by young people for young people. We provide a common space to inspire, connect and empower young people to act and lead with Landcare on the stuff that matters.’

Each Intrepid Landcare experience harnesses the knowledge and skills of a partner Landcare group. Often this will be an older generation hosting a team of young volunteers for a day or weekend.

Beginning in the Illawarra in 2009, Intrepid Landcare has inspired other local networks in the Hunter and North Coast.

Petersham Bowling Club: taking the initiative in the inner west

Sometimes sustainability comes from unexpected places. Petersham Bowling Club is a vibrant and creative, poker-machine-free community in the heart of Sydney’s inner west.

With the help of government grants, the ‘bowlo’ has installed a solar PV system and rainwater tanks for the toilets and greens.

And it is the little things that can make a difference. A roller towel service in bathrooms to stop paper towels going to landfill, a post-mix dispenser that has halved the level of soft drink containers and cardboard, and a tap at the bar in place of selling bottled water.

‘As a small community club owned by its members,’ says President George Catsi, ‘we’re in an excellent position to be a leader in environmental sustainability and to lead by example.’

The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre – an alternative for the throwaway society

It’s the way things used to be done – before the throwaway society. The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre has set up Australia’s first weekly Repair Café so that people can get help repairing electrical items, furniture and bicycles at no cost.

It goes on the road, providing repair and education opportunities to other areas in greater Sydney, regularly holds Upcycled Art workshops for children, and runs ‘Tricks of the Trade’ low-cost skill-sharing workshops three times a year teaching furniture repair, carpentry and basic upholstery.

‘It’s the only non-profit reuse and repair centre in Australia,’ says general manager Guido Verbist, ‘with working relationships with local councils to provide a collection and re-homing service for household goods’.

The judges agreed that “there should be a Bower in every community” making sure that mending, upgrading and learning is a central part of how we see materials, products and goods.

Sutherland District Trade Union Club: Tradies help with sustainability

The club is affectionately known by its many members as ‘Tradies’. Since 2014, the Sutherland District Trade Union Club’s iPromise Grants Program has provided $24,000 to fund sustainability projects across the state – helping schools, small businesses and community organisations with recycling programs, vegetable gardens, environmental education and waste reduction systems.

As part of the program, each Tradies employee pledged to make one small change towards sustainability. Some of the pledges included reducing the use of plastic bags, walking to the shops instead of driving, or switching to energy-efficient light globes.

The club’s Clare Capponi explains: ‘The program is based on the principle that by making a small change individually, we can make a big difference together’.

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An independent judging panel has decided the best nominees in NSW in the Built Environment category of the Green Globe Awards. A gala evening will be held in October to announce and celebrate the winners.

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