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Our contributors

To ensure you get real world skills to Start Something in your region, we have worked with range real-world experts. They’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. Their insights will be shared across the workshop by our experienced facilitators and captured in the take-away hand book you receive on the day.

Matt Wicking

Lead facilitator

Matt is a creative force for change. Facilitator, singer, freelance environmentalist and sustainability leader, he’s worked with people in all sectors – business, government, the arts, education and more – to help make good stuff happen. An experienced presenter and communicator, Matt is skilled at finding common ground and bringing complex ideas to life. Among his current roles, he facilitates the Centre for Sustainability Leadership Fellowship in Melbourne, helps Monash Sustainability Institute train green change agents through the Green Steps program, and works with TippingPoint Australia to catalyse a cultural response to climate change.


Learning and Experience Design


Wildwon exist to grow the purpose driven business ecosystem and help values-led organisations win. Wildwon crafts meaningful experiences across events, branding, digital marketing and content creation. They are a certified B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) and get behind companies, organisations, individuals and communities who stand for a social or environmental mission. Wildwon have worked with the Office of Environment and Heritage to bring Start Something to you.

Our Contributing Experts

Mikey Leung

Social entrepreneur

Digital Storytellers

Mikey is a social entrepreneur with Matrix-level knowledge of the digital media world. With over 15 years experience in the practise of digital wizardry, Mikey is also a published author, web designer, cinematographer and one of the founders of Digital Storytellers.

Libby Ward-Christie

Social enterprise business strategist

Social Traders

Libby specialises in social enterprise business strategy, implementation and investment.  As Head of Investment & Advisory at Social Traders she has worked to support a multitude of start-up and trading social enterprises. Libby developed the Social Traders' Portfolio that provides hybrid capital and business advice to social enterprises.

Prashan Paramanathan

CEO and co-founder of

Prashan is the CEO and co-founder of, an international crowdfunding platform designed for social enterprises, community groups and not-for-profits. Launched in October 2013, grew to be Australia's largest crowdfunding platform for social causes, raising more than $12 million since its launch. Prashan is now focused on expanding the business into the US, UK and Europe.

Laura Reed

Sydney Associate Director

Spark Strategy

Laura is the Sydney Associate Director for Spark Strategy. Laura has over eight years of experience in corporate sustainability roles in leading Australian finance, property and technology businesses, including as the Senior Manager - Social Impact at Westpac.

Nicole Whiteoak

Co-founder of UnpluggMe


Nicole is an established learning experience designer and co-founder of UnpluggMe, an organisation that helps people have a better relationship with technology. Nicole has worked on numerous projects dedicated to building the momentum and capacity of communities such as Link Festival and Purpose. Nicole, and the team at Wildwon, have been the architects of the Start Something curriculum - helping to design the best learning experience possible for you.