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The workshops

You may consider yourself an up and coming changemaker, or maybe you already work with a local community organisation or environmentally-minded project. Whoever you are, if you have an an idea to improve your local environment or build resilience in your community, Start Something can help you.

The workshops have been developed through extensive discussions with regional community leaders, successful entrepreneurs and specialists –to ensure you leave with real skills and the understanding to Start Something of your own.

What you can expect:

  • Real-world examples and useful tools  you will be able to try out on the day
  • Guest speakers and expert presenters sharing their experiences and insights
  • A workbook with templates, action points and resources for you to take home and share
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded people in your community who may help you grow your idea
  • A relaxed and supportive environment to learn and take the next exciting step
  • Ongoing access to new learning and networking opportunities provided by the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW
  • Delicious catering from great local foodies

Shape your idea

Clarify your vision. What problem are you aiming to solve and what solution are you offering? Gain skills to define the value of your idea, its purpose, objectives as well as who will most benefit from it.

Skills outcome: The ability to clearly articulate what your project offering is, what problem it is solving and the stakeholders that need to be involved.

Find finance

How do you get your project funded?

You will learn about the different ways you could fund a project, resource mapping, obstacle identification, and the principles of crowdfunding.

Skills outcome: Understanding of the financial and non-financial resources that are needed to get your idea off the ground and how and where to find them.

Tell your story

For your idea to matter and succeed you need to tell people about it.

You will discover how to craft the story of your project, identify who needs to know about it and the best ways to get it out there.

Skills outcome: An understanding of how to define your key message and then translate it for your different audiences.

The agenda

  • 09.30amArrival and registration
  • 09.50amTransition
  • 10.00amWelcome
  •  Shape your idea pt1
  •  Morning tea
  •  Shape your idea pt2
  •  Lunch
  •  Finding finance
  •  Afternoon tea
  •  Tell your story
  •  Evaluation
  • 05.30pmClose


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