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  • icon of a noteFind finance.
  • icon of a chat bubbleTell your story.



The Murray-Riverina workshop will be held at TAFESpace in Wodonga.

158 Lawrence St
Wodonga NSW (map)

The agenda

  • 08.30amArrival and registration
  • 09.00amWelcome
  • 09.25amTell your story pt1
  • 10.10amMorning tea
  • 10.30amShape your idea
  • 12.30pmLunch
  • 01.20pmFinding finance
  • 03.20pmAfternoon tea
  • 03.45pmTell your story pt2
  • 05.00pmEvaluation
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Shape your idea

Learn to clearly articulate what your project offering is, what problem it is solving and the stakeholders that need to be involved.

Find finance

Understand the finance and non-financial resources that are needed to get your idea off the ground and how and where to find them.

Tell your story

Understand how to to define your key message and then translate it for your different audiences.